Track and Trace: The Next Adventure

The Challenge

BMG Research were established in 1988 with the aim of delivering outstanding research to both the public and private sectors and have been a client of ours for over 10 years.

Robin at BMG Research reached out to Michelle and Oliver here at Next to help him with a recruitment drive that came about due to their successful bid for the governments Track & Trace App campaign. They needed 24 new members of staff to help keep the UK safe and to be at the forefront of tracking the spread of the virus across the UK and will make thousands of calls per day to do so.


Track and Trace

What have you had to change within your business due to Covid-19 and how has this affected your ability to recruit?

Adapting to working from home is something we have all had to do and recruiting for BMG was no different. The candidates all needed to be remotely recruited and setup to work from home, the biggest challenge with this was ensuring the candidates had the right IT provisions to enable them to remote connect via VPN to BMG’s Customer Management platform so that they can provide up to date and accurate information to the members of the public who need it most.

BMG needed the candidates prepped and ready to start in 8 days. All with the right IT provisions, all having completed an induction, all having completed training.



candidate attraction

How We Attracted and Assessed for Suitability

Our attraction and assessment methods, like many other businesses and their processes across the UK, have changed. In our case they have improved because of the current Covid-19 situation.

Video technology has become the new ‘norm’ for most businesses and something we used to help attract and assess candidates for BMG to great effect. Once a candidate has been assessed by Michelle who heads up our contact centre recruitment drives, they are uploaded to the BMG candidate portal for approval.

The biggest challenge faced was then overcome by having BMG’s IT department remote connect and test the candidates IT setup to ensure it can connect to their VPN so they can work from home effectively, luckily for us we had briefed the candidates on what they needed so this whilst challenging it was not something we couldn’t overcome.

After all of this had been completed and a candidate was offered a start date, we were able to complete the training and inductions.


The Results

  • We shortened the lead time from vacancy to hire compare to previous contact centre recruitment drives.
  • We overcame the potential challenges that BMG highlighted by working together to provide the best and most effective solution.
  • 24 candidates started new roles, on or within 8 days
  • 10 further candidates are ready and waiting for future start dates
  • The recruitment drive kept within the budget for BMG


Robin Jarvis- Operations Director, had this to say:


“Recruiting 24 workers in a short space of time was always going to be a challenge in this climate, couple this with the fact that they needed to work from home and have the right IT provisions to enable them to do the job successfully and I knew that I may find this difficult. I reached out to Michelle at Next Recruitment as she has always exceeded my expectations in the past with our recruitment and gave her the brief… “24 workers in 8 days” After we had a good discussion around the role and the processes we needed to adhere to, Michelle starting looking for candidates immediately. I was impressed by the results and her use of video technology to remote interview candidates made the whole recruitment drive flow seamlessly and we had a wealth of candidates uploaded to our portal who met our requirements. Michelle also assisted with on-boarding of remote new starter inductions which helped alleviate the stress on our side. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michelle or Next Recruitment to any contact centres looking to outsource their recruitment.”

If you are a contact centre or commercial outfit who has a challenging recruitment drive ahead of you, or you simply need some external help to bolster your own recruitment efforts, then get in touch with us today on 0121 733 2888 or email


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